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UCF / FDI Volunteers Present Poster At ASHA 2017

UCF / FDI volunteers present poster at ASHA 2017

Comparative Validity of G-Codes to ASHA NOMS, FOIS & MASA Scores for Dysphagia

SLP’s are currently are required to evaluate their patients before and following intervention using mandated Medicare G-Codes. These are used to report on claims for Medicare Part B. Each non payable G Code on the claim form must be accompanied with a severity / complexity modifier. However while important and required- the codes are not easy to apply. In fact many SLP’s struggle to identify the correct code to match the current tools we have for measuring dysfunction. ASHA has recommended that SLP’s use the ASHA NOMS as the tool of referent when applying the G-Codes. However, it is not clear how the codes mesh to commonly used dysphagia assessment tools. This project therefore aimed to compare several commonly used dysphagia tools on a sample (n=105) of stroke cases to identify which tools best relate to the NOMS and might be used as alternatives when SLP’s apply G-Codes.